Installation of New Service Connection

Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Who may avail of the Service:

Customers with existing water service connection requesting for services, like:
  1. Leak after the meter
  2. Meter relocation
  3. Temporary disconnection
  4. Change of Classification
  5. Turbid Water
  6. No Water
  7. High consumption
  8. Repair of service lines before and after the meter
  9. Replacement of faucet, gasket and stop cock
  10. Repair of standpipe
  11. Re-open

What are the Requirements:

  • Accomplished Form

How to Avail the Service:

Step No. Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-charge Fees Form
1 Approaches the Customer Service and informs specific request.

Inputs request to database.

Asks customer for his/her contact number.

If request is done personally and not thru phone call, frontline staff shall directly forward customer to Concerned Unit.

10 minutes Frontline In-charge None
2 Issues Job Order upon receiving the request and forwards JO to concerned Unit of the Engineering Section. 10 minutes U/CSA-B None

Concerned Unit assigns Water Maintenance Man to act on request once JO is received.

Log all JOs to logbook.

5 minutes SW/SMM-B None

Gives feedback of status of the request to A. Trinidad (whether pending or completed).

And for pending status, concerned Unit shall inform A. Trinidad of the reason.

5 minutes SW/SMM-B None
5 Update the system as to status of request. 5 minutes U/CSA-B None
6 Informs/verifies with customer the status of request. 5 minutes Frontline In-charge None
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