Brief History

  • The District was created pursuant to PD (Presidential Decree) 198 on December 4, 1979, but it was only in 1991 where it is operated using groundwater of Tandag River as the first source. At this period, only about 400 service connections were generated with four barangays covered (San Agustin Sur, Dagocdoc, Bag-ong Lungsod and Bungtod). Several years later, the operation subsequently expanded.
  • The expansion started with the construction of Tandag Water Supply System Improvement Project (TWSSIP) in 2003. Unlike the first system, this phase II project is getting source from the surface water of Ihawan Creek, which is augmented with Mangyan I and II, all are gravity and are considered to be more economical. This system involved the development of the primary source.
  • Ihawan Creek, impounding structure, collection box and has laid 10.7 kilometers steel pipes measuring 250 mm Ø and 350 mm Ø which are shop primed and cement line cover from said source down to the Poblacion area of Tandag. This is credited to the Asian Development Bank under the Small Towns Water Supply Sector Project, where funds came from. However, that was only made possible thru a loan facilitated by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA).
  • In 2006, TWD served another waterless area, Barangay Buenavista. The system constructed was known as Buenavista Water Supply System Project (BWSSP). It was made operational in August 28, 2006. With sufficient source capacity, the BWSS was later expanded to adjacent barangays (Salvacion, Pangi and San Agustin Norte). In 2008, there were three systems operated, two of which are through pumping stations (Phase I System and BWSSP) and the TWSSIP benefiting a total of twelve barangays.
  • Five years after, the District ventured into more groundwater sources. In 2014, two drilling activities, both exploratory and productive were conducted in the prospect of finding additional sources to cater the increasing population of Tandag City.
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