Installation of New Service Connection

Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Who may avail of the Service:

Residents of Tandag City

What are the Requirements:

  • Fully accomplished Water Service Application Form
  • Signature of House/Lot Owner
  • For Lot Owner : certified photocopy of Land Title/Tax Declaration
  • For Non Lot Owner: notarized affidavit of Undertaking and Barangay Clearance
  • Building Permit
  • Attendance (Orientation every Wednesday at 1:00 PM)

How to Avail the Service:

Step No. Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-charge Fees Form
1 Asks for Water Service Application Form from the Customer Service. Advises applicant to completely fill-up the form. 2 minutes Frontline In-charge None Water Service Application Form
2 Submits the accomplished Form back to the Customer Service together with all other requirements. Examines the Form and all other requirements and advises Applicant that application will go through proper evaluation. 5 minutes Frontline In-charge None
3 Advises Applicant to attend orientation. 1 minutes Frontline In-charge None
4 Attends orientation every Wednesday at 1:00 PM. Orients the Applicant about the process of acquiring new service connection, availing other services and other TWD policies. 1 hour Frontline In-charge None
5 Forwards Application Form for inspection to Engineering Section after the Applicant has attended orientation. 2 minutes Frontline In-charge None
6 Processes payment using the Water Billing and Collection System and issue Official Receipt 15 minutes SW/SMM-B None

Advises the Applicant when to lay the pipes from the location of his/her house to the tapping point.

Makes Location plan and forwards Application form to Customer Service.

5 minutes SW/SMM-B None
8 Receives Application form with Sketch Plan and prepares Contract. 10 minutes

Frontline In-charge

Data Controller

9 Forwards application and construction order for approval. 5 minutes


Officer In-charge

10 Advises the Applicant to pay for the registration once application is approved. 2 minutes Frontline In-charge None
11 Customer visits the office and see Customer Service. Inputs data of customer (Applicant) to database. Gives back the Application Form to customer for payment. 5 minutes Frontline In-charge None
12 Pays the registration fee to the teller. Accepts payment and issues Official Receipt (OR). 5 minutes Teller P 3,400.00
13 Gives back the Application Form after payment.

Records the application. And once the customer requests to pay the registration on stagger basis, the in-charge will issue promissory note.

Forwards Application form to Storekeeper.

10 minutes

Frontline In-Charge



Issues water meter and materials.

Coordinates with Concerned Unit the Issuance of water meter.

5 minutes Storekeeper None
15 Assigns Water Maintenance Man for installation of water meter 2 minutes SW/SMM-B None
16 Installs water meter. 20 minutes Water Maintenance Man (Plumber) None
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