Request for Billing Adjustment

Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Who may avail of the Service:

Customers with existing water service connection who experience high consumption due to undetected leak

What are the Requirements:

  • Request for billing adjustment

How to Avail the Service:

Step No. Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-charge Fees Form
1 Approaches the Customer Service and gives specific request.

Verifies the validity of the request. Determines whether the customer has availed for billing adjustment or not.

Inputs request to database through Job Order for Engineering Section’s action.

5 minutes Frontline In-charge None
2 Prints Job Order upon receiving the request and forwards JO to concerned Unit of the Engineering Section. 5 minutes U/CSA-B None
3 Conducts field investigation once JO is received. 30 minutes SW/SMM-B None

Makes report based on the findings and forwards it to A. Trinidad.

Water Maintenance Man shall advice customer to fix the service line once noted that high consumption is caused by leaking.

10 minutes SW/SMM-B None
5 Customer informs Customer Service that service line or pipe leak has been repaired.
6 Issues Job Order to inspect and verify the customer’s report/feedback. 3 minutes Frontline In-charge None
7 Makes report on the findings and forwards it to Frontline Staff. 5 minutes SW/SMM-B None
8 Customer requests for billing adjustment. Issues Billing Adjustment Memo. 10 minutes Data Controller BAM
9 Approves the Billing Adjustment Memo and forwards back to Customer Service. 5 minutes U/CSO-A None
10 Effects the adjustment on customer’s water bill. 5 minutes Frontline In-charge None
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