About Tandag Water District - Services Areas

Today, TWD is serving 5,059 connections and covering almost seventy percent (70%) of the entire area of Tandag City. A total of 41,573 is the calculated population to have benefited in the District water systems from the fourteen (14) different areas: Awasian, Bag-ong Lungsod, Bioto, Bongtud, Buenavista, Dagocdoc, Mabua, Pangi, Quezon, Rosario, Salvacion, San Agustin Norte, San Agustin Sur and Telaje.


A sustainable utility to deliver safe and affordable water supply through protection of watersheds and preservation of the environment for Tandag City’s ecological balance.


To adequately address the need for potable and affordable water under conditions of efficient and effective human and natural resource administration by increasing capability to develop and maintain the ecology relative to global mitigation of climate change.

Performance Pledge

We, the officials and employees of Tandag Water District commit to provide and efficiently serve our customers with safe, potable water that conforms to standards of the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW). We shall strive to increase customer satisfaction by continually improving the quantity and quality of water we deliver, including our systems & facilities.

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